Tournament Results


3 December Charity Pairs

18 November Canterbury Mixed/Same Sex Pairs

4 November Timaru Anniversary Pairs

 29 October Crockfords Open Pairs

29 October Crockfords Intermediate Pairs

29 October Geraldine Novice Pairs

15 October Christchurch All Grades Pairs

 17 September Canterbury Regional Pairs

10 September Waimate All Grade Pairs

12 August Geraldine All Grade Pairs

5 August Ashburton All Grades Pairs

30 July Christchurch Midwinter Teams

23 July Crockfords All Grades Pairs

16 July Canterbury Swiss Pairs

2 July Rangiora All Grades Pairs

 25 June Mid South-Island Interclub Teams

10 June Temuka All Grade Pairs

27 May Christchurch Open Teams

27 May Christchurch Intermediate Teams

28 May Christchurch Open Pairs

28 May Christchurch Intermediate Pairs

6 May Akaroa Scenic 8B

29 April Mid-Canterbury Pairs

15 April Canterbury Easter Open Teams

15 April Canterbury Easter Intermediate Teams

16 April Canterbury Easter Open Pairs

16 April Canterbury Easter Intermediate Pairs

9 April Rangiora All-Grade Pairs

1 April Ashburton Anniversary Pairs

26 March Waimate 8B

18 March South Canterbury Open Teams

18 March South Canterbury Intermediate Teams

19 March South Canterbury Open Pairs

19 March South Canterbury Intermediate Pairs

26 February Geraldine 8B



Charity Pairs

Mixed and Same Sex Pairs

ChCh October Allgrades

National Congress – Canterbury players

Canterbury Regional Pairs

Ashburton Intermediate and Junior Pairs

Canterbury Inter club Teams

ChCh Aug Intermediate Pairs

ChCh Aug Open Pairs

Geraldine Allgrades August

Ashburton Allgrades August

Crockfords July Allgrades

Canterbury Swiss Pairs

South Island Pairs

Mid-South Canterbury Inter Club Teams

Temuka June Allgrades

IPs OWS  Intermediate

Akaroa Scenic tournament    Graded result

Mid-Canterbury Pairs

South Canterbury Intermediate/Junior Pairs (top Junior pair Knoef/Newton) / Intermediate Teams

South Canterbury Congress Open Pairs  / Open teams

Canterbury Holiday Pairs



2015 IP Finals    Dougal McLean Final Results

Canterbury Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Pairs

Crockfords Open and Intermediate Pairs Nov

Timaru Anniversary Pairs

Waimate Allgrades

ChCh Super Nova 8B

NZBridge Congress Hamilton

Canterbury Regional Pairs

Ashburton Intermediate and Junior Pairs

ChCh August Intermediate Pairs

ChCh August Open Pairs

Interclub Teams

Geraldine August Allgrades

Ashburton August Allgrades

Crockfords July Allgrades

Rangiora July Allgrades

IP Trials Open/Women/Senior/Intermediate

Temuka Allgrades

QB Intermediate and Junior Pairs

QB Open Pairs

QB Open and Intermediate Teams (amended)

Rangiora May 5A

Akaroa Scenic Tournament

Mid Canterbury Pairs

Waimate Allgrades

Regional Swiss Pairs

Easter Open Pairs

Easter Open Teams

Easter Intermediate Pairs

Ashburton Anniversary Pairs

Timaru Congress Open Teams

Timaru Congress Intermediate Teams

Timaru Congress Intermediate Pairs

Timaru Allgrades

Geraldine Feb. Allgrades

South Island Teams   Congratulations to the CRC Prize winners (prize for the highest placed team with under 600 rating points), the Wiggins team (JULIA WATSON – PETER WATSON – CAROLINE WIGGINS – MURRAY WIGGINS) who placed 10th in the flight.

Canterbury Holiday Pairs



Charity Pairs

Mixed, Men’s and Women’s Pairs

Timaru Anniversary Pairs

Crockfords Open Pairs

Crockfords Intermediate Pairs

ChCh Allgrades

Geraldine Allgrades

Waimate Allgrades

Main Center Pairs

Ashburton Intermediate and Junior pairs

Christchurch Open Pairs

Christchurch Intermediate Pairs

Canterbury Inter Club Teams     Teams List

Ashburton Allgrades

Mid Winter Teams    (partial teams list)

Crockfords 8B

Red and Black

Temuka Allgrades

Rangiora 8B

Mid South Canterbury interclub Teams

IP Trials Overalls

QB Open and Intermediate Pairs

QB Open teams

Rangiora Open 5A

Akaroa Scenic Tournament

Mid Canterbury Pairs

Easter Open and Intermediate Teams    Open- Raw results (please ignore the biro marks) Open Teams List  Intermediate raw results

Easter Open and Intermediate Pairs

Waimate Allgrades

Swiss Pairs Overall   ( link to rounds)

Ashburton Anniversary Pairs

Timaru – Sth Canty Congress Intermediate Pairs

Timaru- Sth Canty Congress Open Pairs   Link to site

Geraldine Feb 8B

South Island Teams

Canterbury Holiday Pairs



Inter Provincial Finals

Canterbury Charity Pairs

Canterbury Men’s/Women’s and Mixed Pairs, Ashburton

NZWide Pairs

15A Teams Final, Plate and Consolation     Teams List

Timaru Anniversary Pairs

Christchurch Open B

Geraldine 8B

Waimate All Grades

Ashburton Intermediate Pairs

Ashburton Junior Pairs

ChCh August Open Pairs

ChCh August Intermediate Pairs

Canterbury Inter-Club Teams  Teams List

Rangiora Open B

Ashburton All Grades

Mid Winter Teams

Swiss Pairs

Crockfords All Grades

Re-Opening Intermediate pairs

Re-Opening Open Pairs

Temuka Allgrades

Main Center Pairs

Rangiora Queens Birthday Open Teams

Rangiora Queens Birthday Intermediate Teams

Christchurch/Crockfords Open Pairs

Christchurch/Crockfords Intermediate Pairs

Timaru All Grades

Crockfords Intermediate Pairs

Crockfords Open Pairs

Akaroa Scenic Tournament     Grade Results

Mid Canterbury Pairs

Waimate Allgrades

Open/Women/Senior IP Results

Intermediate IP Results

Canterbury Intermediate teams Easter

Canterbury Open Teams Easter 2013

Canterbury Intermediate/Junior pairs, Easter

Canterbury Open Pairs, Easter

Ashburton Allgrades March 2013

Timaru Congress March 2013 – Open Teams (Open teams list), –Open Pairs, –Intermediate Pairs

South Island Teams 

Canterbury Holiday Pairs 2013



Canterbury Charity Pairs Nov 2012

Ashburton Mixed Pairs 2012

Ashburton Same Sex Pairs 2012

NZ WIDE PAIRS PRIZE WINNERS 2012 Results for the various heats at Club level can be accessed via a link on the NZBridge Website:

Ashburton Int.Jun Pairs 2012

Open B Pairs Crockfords

Inter Club Teams 2012 Results

Mid winter teams July 2012

Swiss pairs results July 2012