IP Trials 2018 - Feedback

Total Responses : 28
How overall satisfied were you with the Trials ? 79%
How satisfied were you with the Entry process ? 85%
How satisfied were you with the
Organisation on the day ?
How satisfied were you with the Directing ? 90%
How satisfied were you with the play format ? 76%
Intermediates – Would you be prepared
to play more boards over two days ?
(9 responses)


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Some selected comments :

“Intermediate trials should be held over 2 days to better simulate the conditions of the final event.”

“We should have been pre-informed about when we were hitting the bye + there needed to be a space to talk during the hour you had off.”

“Think late entries should be accepted unless it stops a sensible format. Don’t like having a bye.”

“A bye wasn’t good, but I would not want people to put their names forward and not want to compete and play in the finals. I certainly would not like to see people accepted after the close off date, as that would open a whole can of worms. People need to take responsibility for their own organisation and if they can’t get themselves to enter by the due date, then they shouldn’t be accepted.”

“Is it feasible to operate open trials as an event, and then women’s/senior seperate and later?”

“Believe in teams trials as the end competition is a teams event.”

“Perhaps finding another way of getting all the boards dealt or getting the dealt boards into the system would be a good idea. ”