Intermediate League 2018

FINAL Standings (as at 2nd December) :

Place Name Club Total Top 10
1st Catherine Fitchett Christchurch 347 271
2nd Margaret Fraser Christchurch 322 216
3rd Julia Thomas Christchurch 317 271
4th Darryl Dowthwaite Christchurch 310 239
5th Sam Gurney Christchurch 283 218
6th Madge Baker Christchurch 241 203
7th Jan Lenton Christchurch 221 200
8th Deborah Matthews Christchurch 216 200
9th David Sewell Ashburton 207 194
10th Doug Williams Christchurch 142 132

Prizes this year are determined by the Top-10 scores for each player.   In the last event of the year Julia Thomas managed to catch her regular partner, Catherine Fitchett.   We are delighted that Catherine and Julia have shared the overall Top-10 prize.   The most number of tournaments was 23 events by Margaret Fraser, closely followed by Sam Gurney with 21 tournaments, and Darryl Dowthwaite with 18.  Well done everyone !


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