Booklets, Packages, Resources

“ABC of Masterpoints” Booklet

A guide to C points earned at club sessions, A & B points earned at tournaments.  And how this accumulates to national Grades and Titles.

Single pages

Ideas for fun bridge sessions

Variations from normal duplicate pairs or teams for a social night, or possibly a short club competition.   Try Bingo Bridge !

Mini Bridge printable booklet

A simplified version of bridge for Beginners.

(print pages 1&2 and pages 3&4 back to back)

Promote ‘Good behaviour’ poster

by Mary Buckland

The Protocol Booklet

A players guide to the Laws of Bridge.   By Carla Heslop.

Club Directors Manual

All you ever wanted to know about directing.  200 pages.

How to run a tournament

A checklist of all the things to think about, and who does what.

How to deal with difficult players

Some advice from experienced directors !

NZBridge Systems Card

Beginners/Learners Systems Card WORD

List of Canterbury Directors