Teaching Grants for Affiliated Clubs

Application Form.

Coaching Grants are to cover :-

  • Beginners Lessons (in clubs with fewer than 100 members)
  • Improvers’ Lessons
  • Directors’ Lessons
  • Youth Lessons

All Coaching Grants are for payment of expenses only, excluding Tutorial Fees.

2018 Grants awarded :

Akaroa Beginner’s Lessons           $640.00

Akaroa Improver’s Lessons           $265.00

Geraldine Beginner’s Lessons      $270.00

2019 Grants awarded :

Akaroa Improver’s Lessons

Diamond Harbour Beginner’s Lessons

Temuka advertising               $131.00

Youth Players

The CRC will reimburse Canterbury Youth players for NZ Bridge tournaments entry fees, up to a maximum of $150.00 each per calendar year.

Youth players are those who will turn 26 years old or less in the calendar year.

Application Form.

Congress Sponsorship 2019.

Sponsorship consists of the value of the Intermediate/Junior or Senior Package to Congress

(e.g. $200 per person in 2019) and $100 per person towards other expenses (e.g. total of $600 in 2019).

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New Zealand Bridge Foundation

Funding for special bridge projects.

Southern Trust