Congress Sponsorship

News Flash! Get sponsored to the 2017 National Congress!

Congratulations to Julia Knoef and Amber Newton 2016 sponsorship receivers!

You can enter now for 2017

The Canterbury Region is delighted to announce that it will sponsor an Intermediate/Junior Pair neither of who have attended the NZ National Congress, to attend the 2017 NZ National Congress in Hamilton.

Conditions Apply:

  1. Sponsorship consists of the value of the Intermediate/Junior or Senior Package to Congress (e.g. $200 per person in 2016) and $100 per person towards other expenses (e.g. total of $600 in 2016).
  2. You both must be members of a Canterbury club that is affiliated to NZBridge and of national Intermediate or Junior grade as at 1st Jan 2017.
  3. Each player (together or individually) must have played in at least 5 tournaments in the region between 1st May 2016 – 30th April 2017.
  4. You both must not have played at the NZ National Congress before (excluding the Top teams event, Inter-Provincial Championships or Congress Novice Pairs).
  5. The closing date for nominations is the 1st May 2017.
  6. Pairs must self nominate themselves by sending their names to the CRC secretary by the closing date.
  7. Once entries close all pairs will go in to a ‘hat’ and one successful pair will be drawn.
  8. The successful pair will be paid out their sponsorship monies once they present their NZ National Congress entry payment receipt to the CRC Secretary.
  9. Should the successful pair not complete their trip to the NZ Congress, the monies must be repaid in full.
  10. The NZ National Congress is usually held in the last week of September.

Send your entry to us here!