Congress Results 2019

Significant results by Canterbury players.

NZ Rubber bridge competition, 27 September
Tony Quinlivan & Stuart Grant lost their first round match.
NZ PAIRS FINAL, 30 September
Jane Lennon (playing with Alan Grant) finished 20th.
NZ PAIRS PLATE, 30 September
Jane Skipper & John Skipper finished in 7th place.
David Skipper & Timothy Schumacher – 16th
Pavla Fenwick & Max Morrison – 18th
Mehboob Chiba & Richard Lapthorne – 6th.
NZ Open-Restricted Pairs, 28 September
Shirley Lattimore & Jan Stupples – 37th.
Matchpoint Swiss Pairs, 28 September
Mehboob Chiba & Richard Lapthorne – 3rd.
Paula Gregory & Michael Johnstone  – 9th.
NZ TEAMS, 1-3 October
Morrison/Fenwick/Chiba/Lapthorne qualified for the KO-Finals in 13th position.  Have lost in R16 to Bach/Cornell/Ware/Brown etc.
Alabaster/Livingstone/D Skipper/Schumacher reached the Semi-Finals.  Congratulations !
NZ Open-Restricted Teams, 2 October
Dowthwaite/Matthews/Stupples/Lattimore – 7th.
NZ Intermediate Teams, 3 October
Lattimore/Stupples/Rath/Bunce finished 4th.   Well done.
Crighton/Waldron/Janes/Janes – 6th.
NZ Multiple Teams, 3 October
Tibble/Garland/Buckland/Downward – 13th.
Intermediate Pairs, 4 October
Mike Bunce & Jean Rath – 16th.
Cath Preen & Christine Darvell – 19th.
Senior Pairs, 4 October
Mary Buckland & Trish Downward – 14th.
Same Sex Pairs, 4 October
Pam Tibble & Sarah Garland – 11th.
Jane Morris (playing with Carol de Luca) – 12th.
Mixed Sex Pairs, 4 October
Paula Gregory & Michael Johnstone – 6th.
Fiona Temple & John Kruiniger – 10th.
Open Swiss Pairs, 4-5 October
Jane Lennon (playing with Alan Grant) finished 3rd.
Fiona Temple & John Kruiniger finished 5th.
Open-Restricted Swiss Pairs, 4-5 October
Deborah Matthews & Darryl Dowthwaite – 33rd
Intermediate Swiss Pairs, 4-5 October
Cath Preen & Christine Darvell – 14th
Jan Stupples & Shirley Lattimore – 17th